What are LSI Keywords and Why Do You Need to Include Them in Your Link Building?

What are LSI Keywords and Why Do You Need to Include Them in Your Link Building?

  • 23 May 0

One of the most important parts of SEO are keywords. Well-chosen keywords have a big impact on every website. How can that be possible? Basically, all search engines filter data and provide users the best results according to some specific keywords. Normally, if you type in a single word in the search box, thousands or millions of results will be generated by the search engine.

This is due to the fact that the single word you typed appears to those websites maybe once, twice, thrice, or more. Hence, it is more effective a more specific term or phrase is used for research. This will make both your job and search engine’s job easier as it locates better results. You will encounter different websites that contain contents that you need with LSI keywords.

These LSI keywords are links to other websites which can help for further understanding of some matters. But, what are LSI keywords and why do you need to include them in your link building? According to an SEO expert named Nikolay Stoyanov, LSE keyword is the short term for latent semantic indexing keyword. As much as keywords are important in SEO, LSI is very important too since it does the same thing in SEO.

As a matter of fact, LSI keywords are just the synonyms of the given keywords. Do you want to know more about what are LSI keywords and why do you need to include them in your link building? Well keep reading this article and it will help you end your confusion.

Keyword density is one of the common terms in SEO. It refers to the total number of times where the given keywords are used in a content or page. The percentage is used to measure and calculate the keyword density. The bigger percentage that a page gets from its keywords density, the bigger chance it will get higher ranking in the search engines. That is why webmasters and SEO agencies give their best to insert well-researched keywords and LSI keywords on their contents.

Furthermore, all webmasters and SEO agencies prepare themselves since Google, one of the biggest and most influential search engines are stricter now. Google’s search engine is now improved with Penguin 4.0 to provide a much better list of results to its users. This says goodbye to trashy websites and spam links and hello to a fresher list of results. At the same time, the search engine prevents sites from appearing at the top page result if it contains low quality or plagiarized content.

Thanks to the continuous improvement in search engines, keyword stuffing is not necessary anymore. Since the whole meaning of the site’s content is more vital now, it is more advisable to have a keyword density now between 2 to 3%. To determine the right LSI keywords and strategies to be used in SEO, it is better to perform a regular analysis of LSI and keyword density. This helps is increasing the ranking of your site and prevent you from further mistakes.

For example, if your business or site is about selling bags, then you could use LSI keywords such as women’s bags, men’s bags, bags for school, bags for office and more. With this technique, your page will get a bigger chance of getting clicks from users who might be your next potential buyer.

How to locate LSI keywords in the search engine? Easy, it can be seen from the following:

  1. Keyword research tools. If you want to focus more on other things, you can leave the LSI keywords to some useful tools. Enhancing your LSI arsenal is possible through the use of LSI tools. One of the most popular tools for this process is Google AdWords Keyword planner. Once you signed up for its service, just type in your keyword and ideas will generate from it. In fact, users find it very user-friendly with its specific tabs that are divided into two:
  2. Ad Group Ideas – This is one of the easiest tools to find LSI keywords in link building. You just have to copy its suggested keywords and include it in your content.
  3. Keyword Ideas – A lot of SEO agencies and experts know this tool. However, they don’t really know its advantage so you can start the trend of using it now. Just type in your keyword and it will generate ideas that are relevant to your keyword.
  4. “Searches related to” corner below the page result’s page. This “search related to” corner can be seen at the bottom of the page results. In this corner, 8 LSI keywords are provided to help you get additional ideas for link building. However, you have to make carefully check it as some links in it does not give quality content and sense.

Make sure that you only use relevant LSI keywords and accessible links for your link building. This will also help your readers get clear ideas or information regarding your brand. 

  1. Some bold words from SERP result. When it comes to searching keywords in the search box, you will encounter some words that are written in bold texts. These are some of LSI keywords too which can generate faster clicks to your site. This can also ensure that your keywords are more searchable in search engines.
  2. Instant search from Google. LSI keywords can be easily seen from Google’s instant search box. Once you type in a keyword to its search box, suggestion keywords will come up below the search box.

What are LSI keywords and why do you need to include them in your link building? LSI keywords are very vital in link building because they are not just a group of synonym terms. LSI keywords are very relevant terms or closely related terms to your keywords. 

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