What Are Backlinks and How to Get Them

What Are Backlinks and How to Get Them

  • 23 Jan 0

What are Backlinks?

Links that go back to your website, content, or social media from another source is called a backlink. The name is easy enough to remember, as it explains it itself, or they are also called inbound links. When a site posts a blog with your link in it, that is a backlink, and it provides search engines with useful information about the authority and credibility of your page or content. The big search engines do not want to have the garbage sites and content showing up in their results, so they have a system that ranks every website they crawl by the level of certain criteria, like how many backlinks a site has. The better a website or content is, the better ranked it will be, and will display higher in the results. It is basically a system to find only legitimate websites when people search for stuff. So, backlinks are one of those criteria that is extremely important to manage if you want to be on the first page of search results.

What Types of Backlinks Are There?

Many websites sell backlinks that they rank from best to worst. A backlink is considered good if the site it comes from is legitimate and has authority. If you got a backlink from Google, it would be wonderful for your site. If you got a backlink from a scummy pornography site that no one goes to, that backlink will not do anything for you, or it may even harm your chances at getting to the top of the results. There are also what is called white hat and black hat backlinks. White hat backlinks are legitimate links that you get organically, or you can purchase them through a reputable vendor, but only if the links are good. Black hat backlinks are links that come from garbage sources, but they end up fooling search engines into thinking they are great backlinks, and could boost your rankings higher. In the end, you choose what you want to do, but know that search engines, especially Google, will punish your site if it finds out that you have a ton of black hat backlinks, and you may never reach the first page because of it. They do not like shortcuts or playing unfair.

There are sites that rank their backlinks by their authority, or whether they are short-term, or long-term, and they adjust the price accordingly. My advice: do not buy backlinks unless you want to risk having your site dinged by Google and then punished by them only to have your rankings plummet. Backlinks cost a ton of money, like upwards of hundreds of dollars per few links, and while they are important, they are not THAT important. Having unique, interesting, and optimized content, organic traffic, and post frequency is the best way to get to the first search page in the results. Social media counts for a lot of it too.

How Do I Get Legitimate Backlinks?

Good, old-fashioned networking and link swap deals. Find people who you work for, sell products to, or even competitors or others in your field, niche, and industry. Talk to them. Ask them if they will put your link up on their site. Be nice to them. They will obviously want something in return, so oblige them, that’s how business works! That’s how deals are made. These things can be mutually beneficial. Another way is to search for mistakes on prominent websites, email the webmaster informing them of those mistakes, then ask them if they would throw up a link to your site for letting them know about the mistake or problem with their site.

The internet is like the real world. You still have to network, talk with each other, make deals, be nice, play along, and you will get those backlinks in no time. You do not have to pay for them. Honestly, if you are going to pay for backlinks, you need to have that included in your digital marketing services package. They are not hard to get, just mostly time consuming, but so worth it in the end.

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