Ways to Maximize Your Website’s SEO: Part One

Ways to Maximize Your Website’s SEO: Part One

  • 18 Jun 0

Giving you advice on how to get the most out of your website’s content and sending you out into the world of the internet is almost like a dare. I know that there are a million sites that have all kinds of advice or something to sell you that will magically get your website noticed by the masses. It’s near impossible to filter out all the bad advice and horrible software, apps, or services that people sell.

There just isn’t a short-term way to get to the top of the search results. You must play the long-game when it comes to SEO. Look ahead, make goals, and work towards those goals by doing all the things that are correct, instead of wasting your time trying to find the best ‘SEO hack’ on YouTube. (None of that stuff works)

Content is King

Do you write your own content? Many business owners are glad to sit down and put their expertise into words for potential and existing customers or researchers to fully enjoy. However, simply writing that blog, article, your website’s copy, or even your social media posts just doesn’t cut it. There are some who take writing professionals lightly. That couldn’t be a bigger mistake.

Today’s writers are also content marketing experts, digital marketing pros, keyword and key phrase analysts, next-level researchers, masters of the English language (and other languages), search engine optimization gurus, and more.

A talented writer includes everything the content needs in order to succeed on the internet. That content creator should be researching only the very best resources, finding authoritative and respectable links to include in the copy, and writing 100% unique content that your demographic will find the most appealing. The content should be formatted to suit the top search engines’ standards. And, it should be able to inform people for as long as possible.

Hopefully, most of you will choose to seek out a professional to create your content. If you do, head over to www.typedit.net to see if they can help you create the best content on the web.

Tag Everything

Google is now using some seriously futuristic artificial intelligence that the American government is likely jealous of to find the best results for people searching for something. This AI is evolving at the same rate as people who are using the search engine to crawl the internet for the best websites.

Google doesn’t ‘see’ images, video, GIF images, etc. It only ‘sees’ the data you input for that media. So, for images, video, etc., it needs to be tagged with keywords and key phrases so that Google knows what that media is. When you search for images on Google, it looks for the ‘Alt Text’, which is what you label that media as. If someone searches for a picture of a dog, and your images have the word ‘dog’ in the Alt Text of that image, then your picture is likely to show up.

Use hashtags when possible. Social media is phenomenal for SEO for many reasons but using popular hashtags will give your site the boost it needs to get to the top if done correctly. If you have social media apps or embedded social media boxes on your website – and you should – then you can use those hashtags to directly affect your website’s SEO. In Part Two we will discuss Descriptions and Analytics! 



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