Ways to Easily Set Up an SEO Strategy and Implement it

Ways to Easily Set Up an SEO Strategy and Implement it

  • 13 Jul 0

A good SEO strategy has several things that it needs to survive. If you find yourself shooting from the hip when you’re building your website, or writing content, you will then need to take a step back and reorganize everything you’re doing. Doing something right the first time is always better, right? Right.

Educate Yourself in Proper SEO Practice

So, what’s the first thing you need for a good SEO strategy? You need to know what SEO is and what it implies. That little acronym represents a whole bunch of data and work. You need to know what you’re doing. Otherwise, just hire someone to do it for you and move on.

Organize your Plan

Next, you need to organize yourself. Every good plan takes each step one at a time, and the finished product is brilliant. Good things take time. SEO is no different. When you create your content, make sure you either remember your checklist in your head, or you need to make a checklist to follow either when you are writing it or when you are editing it. Do it right the first time.

Organizing some rules to follow for blogs isn’t quite enough though. You should have a checklist for every single little thing you do on the internet. Your social media posts need to have keywords, hashtags, and a call to action so you can create a funnel. Web copy needs to be easy to read and have a certain percentage of keywords. Photos and videos need Alt Text. You need to know what your keywords even are!

Research Keywords and Key Phrases

Doing keyword research is super easy. Just sign up for a Google AdWords account and then it’ll give you free access to their keyword planner. It’s a pretty comprehensive tool that you can create reports from and everything else you’d need.

Of course, you’ll want to go through my other blogs that explain everything else you need to know about implementing an SEO strategy and building the knowledge you need to make that checklist. (INSERT INTERNAL LINKS HERE)

Use WordPress and Wix

Another way you can sort of, get around having to be so organized and planning ahead is to create your content on web builder sites like WordPress and Wix. Both of these builders are unique in their own way, but both have that checklist mentioned above. Think of it sort of like a spell check. But for SEO. WordPress users use a free plug-in called Yoast SEO. That tool is extremely effective in making sure every single little SEO detail is covered.

Wix has the same thing, and it even has a broader SEO checklist that check your entire site. Making sure you create optimal meta descriptions with keywords, checks length of titles and pages, check Alt Text on media, and everything else.

Manual SEO Labor

There are things that no tool will check for you, and one of them is links. Links are absolutely crucial for SEO. You need good links that go to authoritative sites that are legitimate. You also need those same links to come back. Your content should have links spread out through your web copy, media, social media, blogs, articles, eBooks, and anywhere else you can stick them. People love links. It’s super easy for them to navigate the internet. Having internal links that takes them page to page, or even to different parts of the same page is another way to boost SEO standards a bit.

The tool will also not check for spelling and grammar errors. You would not believe how many people have asked me to fix their SEO just to find that they are spelling certain keywords wrong. Just remember to put your content through a good spell checker before you post it. Double check your grammar, punctuation, etc. Content doesn’t need to be written at a professional level. In fact, it’s better if it isn’t. So, don’t make it too complicated. Just write to where it is comfortable for you to read and write, and you’ll be fine.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, it is super simple to create and implement an SEO plan. Just use a web builder site and a few plug-ins and apps to do it for you, or you can do it the more professional way and make a checklist so you can keep researching what works and add on to it instead of trusting an app. Either way, organization is key. Follow the rules, follow the checklist, and do it right the first time.

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