The Importance of Backlink Diversity and How to Create Good Ones

The Importance of Backlink Diversity and How to Create Good Ones

  • 09 Nov 1

The majority of people that create their website have a single goal in mind and that is to lead their website to a higher ranking in major search engines like Google and Bing. The best and the most effective way of doing it are through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Why? For the simple reason that SEO drives traffic to the website and with enough web traffic it is possible for a website to be positioned on the first page of SERP.

SEO is not only for websites that act as an online store but it also works for freelance writers who want to attract more clients to browse their work. To ensure their success in SEO, they need to know the most important factor when it comes to Search Engine Optimization – backlinking.

Before backlinking is further discussed, backlinks are the links that connect a website from another site or another page on the Internet. These links are created whenever a website owner, or blogger, creates a link on their homepage coming from other sites. It can be seen as an HTML text link supplied by a highlighted keyword. If the readers will click the highlighted keyword, they will directly get the website proper without having to type the website address on the search engine.

Being considered an important factor, backlinks are used by the major search engines, like Google, to determine every website ranking on the SERP. The search engine sees backlinks as recommendations of the page. A good number of backlinks means many people are recommending the website because it might have relevant information that is very useful for the readers.

Due to backlinking’s major role in SEO, websites try to heighten the competition through backlink diversity. This might sound new to everyone but many website owners have done their own backlinks and are just not aware of it. In a backlink diversity, a website owner is creating lots of relevant contents that contain many different links pointing to another set of content. That content can be located on many different web properties seen online.

Why have backlink diversity?

Google’s search engine and algorithm have never been stupid. If a website attempts to build links from a specific anchor, that website must be ready for the search engine’s penalty. Because search engine scans follow and see the website trend that it’s trying to artificially build its position in SERP. The very same thing happens whenever a new website garners a lot of domain backlinks.

Why is backlink diversity important?

With backlink diversity, links are being built naturally because websites are not collaborating on the site using the same anchor text. Google is very aware of this and they see it as a natural activity in SEO. Besides that, backlink diversity can help a site when it gets penalized by Google.

Websites penalized by Google find it really hard to recover, but with backlink diversity they can easily correct their mistakes by undoing them. For instance, they got penalized due to too many backlinks on the homepage. If they have a backlink diversity profile, they can swiftly correct the issue without losing the majority of their backlinks.

In creating good link diversity, there are a few things to know:

  • The link location must be considered.

In order to create link diversity, the location of the link should diverge. This means they need to obtain backlinks from numerous domains and link them to various locations on the website. They should not connect it simply on the homepage because, in general, homepages are only dedicated for sales and for promotional content.

That is the reason why articles and blogs on a site are essential, because the content commonly contains the most valuable information that is very appealing to many readers who wants to create a link on the website. Once they have all the content, they may want to mix up links to their homepage, their blogs, and other landing pages.

As website owners make their own list of websites they want to connect with, they must see to it that they’ll be using only varied domains which include the following: com, .org, .edu, and .biz. This is essential for the reason that attaching only one domain extension can result in the artificial building of links and search engines can easily detect that.

  • The anchor text should always be changed.

Every website has what they call a “money keyword” and owners always use this keyword every time they get the chance. Why? Because this keyword helps them to attain a quick ranking but with search engines continuing to change their algorithms, their ranking is not sustained.

To cope up with the constant changes in search engines, they should hold on with their money keywords and mix some variation from LSI keywords. This is ideal because Google sees LSI keywords similar to money keywords and linking with it shows a perfect practice of link diversity which is a huge help for their ranking as they work with similar keywords.

  • They must try and get links from a variety of web hosts and locations.

An IP address is defined to be a set of numbers used in determining a computer which includes the web server. It acts as a user’s license plate as they use their computer to browse the Internet. They are many instances that websites on the same web server share the same IP address. This is not encouraged for the reason that it is too common and it is not good for web hosting. What they need to understand is that they must work hard to attain more backlinks from a different IP address in order for them to achieve a better SEO ranking.

Now that everyone is familiar with backlink diversity let us sum it up. In backlink diversity, website owners must never use the same anchor text, they must use sites coming from different domain extensions and domain authority. Remember, loading up too many links on the homepage can signal search engines of a manipulation that is taking place and they are at risk of being penalized.

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