Hello All

I won’t waste any of your time, and will cut right to the chase.
First of all I know George even before his first service went live, and I’ve worked with him in the past numerous times.
Each and every time it was a pleasure, because he always finish what he start, no exceptions. You may rest assured
that he will deliver on his promises no matter what that cost him.

What about Taktical? Well he doesnt even need any good words, as his threads outside the BST are known to every
member her at BHW, and hes been really helpful for the community from the very first day here.

Ok, I said i won’t waste your time, yet i did a bit.

Now about the service, I’ve been invited by George early on to test out if I can make few sales as I’m m not an agency, yet I’ve w contacts here and there. I introduced the service to my contacts and I had 3 sales in total before it went
live. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but REMEMBER I m not an AGENCY owner, and I don’t have ready list of
customers who need and crave for QUALITY SEO SERVICE!

About the service, well it doesn’t get much better than you could expect from a SEO SERVICE, and there’s a lot of
added value if you ask me. Let me explain:

– Youve live tracking of the results – which is around the 50ish mark if youre going to use external service.

– Youve MOST UP-TO-DATE ranking practices mixed together in an unique and powerful way – Im yet to see this mix
in another service at better price which allow Agency Owners to profit from. Also if you have to put this puzzle
together on your own, it will be a hassle for sure, because you’ll have to deal with at least 2 or 3 suppliers.

– Youve RANKING GUARANTEE POLICY – now tell me how many services you know offering this? There are some,
but are you sure they will honor this policy if something goes south? I know many wont!

– And this last one has another unique perk – your clients wont have to do ANY SEO different from the packages
offered by Vitarank Agency, AND YOU wont have to worry about that either. You are 100% covered by Vitaranks

I can go further, yet I dont see the point, as the service itself and the people standing behind it says all it needs
to be said.

Good Luck Guys, and don’t let the quality DROP, as I like this recurring passive income (yep, sending reports
doesnt count as work if you ask me )