Hello All

I have always been a Big Fan of Both Takitcal and George, Each individual brings a different dimension of
Professional and Seo knowledge to the table. So i was highly blessed to giving a review before this service even came
out. Having an Ecommerce Store i thought it would be the most benefical site to use this white label service for.

We doesnt Love ecommerce Stores. The Follow Graph Will Show Exactly how fortunate i was and how Well diverse
and powerful These Guys services is.


As you see The Steady Rise Of My Serp Position begin’s Almost immediately and Unlike Most Seller’s That Already
Show “High” serps Rise’s Mines wasn’t. I was Falling in Love with the Press Release’s and Social Shares. Their
Live Tracking of results I think i was the most benefical of all things.

My Keywords Position

  • #1 50 – 10
  • #2 35 – 4
  • ##3 30 – 19
  • #4 45 – 17
  • #5 22 – 9

As you can see using this service HAS GREATLY CHANGE MY SEO LANDSCAPE

These Guys are some of the only set to Guarantee Ranking Policy ! I haven’t seen any!! which are guaranting this
for anybody.That Should Tell You They Are Standing Behind their Products firmly.
The most beautiful thing about this services is that Its updated with the best and top of the line practices. And Each
individual brings their own different dynamics, Which makes this services so unique.
There are alot of guys out there who sell you pipe dreams, and then there are those who sell you Result. Takitcal and
George are some of the best in the industry.

The best things about this guys is simply this. They will manage and handle all of your seo needs while you work
on client relations and support Taktical and George will take the stress off you while you continue to develop your
seo brand.

Guys thank you so much for allowing me to become apart of your Review process i have greatly appreciate it and i
will continue to stay with you guys. You guys provide the very best.

My Rating

  • 4 stars on Communication
  • 5 stars on services
  • 5 stars on Guarantee Ranking ( Which they actually did Better)

All and All i couldnt ask for anything better.