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Vitarank Full SEO Packages

Hobby$199 MonthlySmall Biz$299 MonthlyEnterprise$399 Monthly
Homepage Links153050
Quality Original Articles357
Natural Traffic IncreaseGuaranteedGuaranteedGuaranteed
Optimized Web 2.0346
Web 2.0 Submissions151520
Article Submission202530
Document Sharing101520
Social Bookmarks506070
High PR Profiles304060
Video Creation111
Video Distribution357
Infographic Creation111
Infographic Distribution123
Social Media Signals101519
Tier 2Wikis - 300Wikis - 500Wikis - 1000
Social Bookmarks - 300Social Bookmarks - 500Social Bookmarks - 1000
Manual Blog Comments - 100Manual Blog Comments - 150Manual Blog Comments - 200
Social Media - 50Social Media - 150Social Media - 300
Premium Indexing Service488
Monthly Price$199$299$399
Quarterly Price (at monthly cost) SAVE 5%$189$284$379
Semi-Annual Price (at monthly cost) SAVE 10%$179$269$359
Annual Price (at monthly cost) SAVE 15%$169$254$339

Details About Vitarank v.3 SEO Packages

URLs Max

URLs max indicates the maximum number of URLs or pages which you can include in one SEO package/SEO campaign.

Keywords Max

Keywords Max indicates the maximum amount of keyword phrases/anchors that you can use with one campaign/SEO Package.

Natural Traffic Increase

Natural traffic increase means that our packages will help you increase the traffic to your sites, which comes from natural sources like backlinks, search engines, social media networks and others. We guarantee this!

Keyword Research and Analysis

If you are not experienced in keyword research and analyzing the competition, we can help you with that. But you will have to request it when you make your order, so we know that you need our help. Our services on this matter are FREE with each SEO package that you order.

Free SEO Consultation

If you need help with keywords, competition, on-page optimization or anything else related to SEO for your site, we offer FREE SEO Consultation included with each SEO package that you order. We can help you find problems, offer solutions and even do some of the fixes ourselves for FREE.

Rank Tracking

We offer tracking of your rankings for your desired keywords used with your campaign, or for different keywords if you request it. The maximum number of keywords we can track for each SEO package is equal to the maximum number of keywords for that package.

On-Page Report (for every page the client provides)

We will include a detailed PDF report which showcases all pros and cons of each page and their structure that you provide with your package. This report will help you fix problems in the structure of each page or the website as a whole.


Off-Page Report (for every page the client provides)

We will send you a link to a report for each of the pages you have submitted with your SEO package order. This report will include a screenshot of your current backlink, social media and other SEO related stats.


Fixing On-Page Issues (only if client provides access)

We can fix some of the issues in your pages for free, but only if you provide access. Each package includes such services and that is what makes our packages GREAT! They deliver everything you need in order to start ranking well. We are used to working with WordPress. If you are using some other kind of CMS or custom site, it is possible that we will not be able to help with some of the issues if they require advanced coding.


Handwritten Unique Articles per Package

We have a dedicated and trustworthy team of In-House English writers, which write all the articles needed for your packages. They perform a topic research for each keyword phrase and provide the best articles for your needs. All articles are 500+ words. Each package guarantees a different number of unique articles used with it. These unique articles help with Blog Posts, Web 2.0 posts, Guest Posts and all other content-based properties in your package.

High PR Social Profiles

We create profiles for your brand on different high authority and high traffic sites. We do this to boost your brand awareness and give your site more referring domains which is beneficial for your site’s SEO.

Authority Web 2.0 Blog Posts

We will write unique articles and post them on special Web 2.0 Blogs with high authority. This will promote your brand and help your site to gain more traffic. All posts will have images, interesting content and will include mentions (links) of your brand and keywords.

Top Directory Submission (First Month Only)

Web directories are a valuable source of traffic and links for your sites. They are a limited resource so we can submit your site only for the first month of your SEO package. We submit only to the best web directories found on the internet. Most of the directories have moderators so we cannot guarantee that your site will be approved, but from our experience most of the sites are approved within 1-2 weeks. We have a lot of experience doing these submits and we know how to do them most efficiently. 

Social Signals

We are going to send social signals to your URLs to give it more exposure on social media networks and tell search engines that your website is making some buzz on social platforms.

Manual Bookmarks

We submit your sites in our bookmarking accounts on different high authority sites. This helps with adding value to your URLs and making them look more credible. If we have submitted all your URLs and we cannot bookmark them again, we start to upvote each URL.

PDF/Doc Shares

We will create a specific number of unique and interesting presentations and documents which will include references to your brand/website.

Web 2.0 Profiles

We are going set up profiles on top and various web 2.0s sites to expand your link network. These profiles will have links built on them, boosting your site’s number of referring pages.


We are going to build wiki links. These links are often content based so we are going to incorporate anchor texts and naked URLs. We are going to make sure that you are going to have a good anchor text profile and not over do the linking with anchor texts.

Videos Created

We create a specific number of videos with each SEO package. Those videos are designed to promote your brand and attract views.

Image Posts

We are going to create images (or pull existing images on your website) and share them on all leading image posting and sharing sites like Pinterest, Imgur, Flickr, etc.

Video Distribution

We upload the videos created above to high authority and traffic video sharing sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc. We also add a reference to your site and brand in the description. This can give your site more authority and also bring more traffic from people watching the videos.

Niche Guest Posts DA 20+

We submit guest posts on your behalf to sites with high Domain Authority. We guarantee 20+ DA for each guest post. That doesn’t mean all of them will be DA 21 for example. We have a mix of DA 30, DA 40+ websites. Guest post will be niche related to your website, which is additional bonus. They bring a lot of value, traffic and linkjuce for your site.

Premium Press Releases

Press releases are a good way to gain more exposure, traffic and references on the internet. We find and write a newsworthy content related to your brand or site and submit it to a combination of premium and normal press release networks. The premium PR networks are very expensive but you can get access to them through our SEO packages and get them at the fraction of their real cost. We use premium PR networks like PRBuzz and Emailwire.

Website Blogs (need access)

We will use a specific number of articles from your packages to post on your site. Posting blog posts written by our professional writers has a lot of benefits for your sites. They increase the authority of your site, they increase the traffic of your site by ranking for a lot of different keywords, they can be shared in social media to increase your reach there and they promote your services and can lead to gaining more backlinks.

Tier 2s Mix of Links

We are going to blast your Tier 1 links with random mix of links to expedite the indexing of the Tier 1s. While these links are a lot, they don’t point directly to your website. Rest assured that your site will be free from any kind of penalty.


Look at all the things and benefits your get with one single SEO package from us!

If you try to get these things separately, you will end up with a cost of $10,000+!

We bring all these things in a nice package form for a super affordable price!

But there is more!

If you prepay for 3 months you get our Quarterly Price which SAVES YOU 5%!

If you prepay for 6 months you get our Semi-Annual Price which SAVES YOU 10%!

If you prepay for 12 months you get our Annual Price which SAVES YOU 15%!

Isn’t that amazing?

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