SEO Advice for SMB (Small to Medium Size Businesses)

SEO Advice for SMB (Small to Medium Size Businesses)

  • 26 Mar 0

SEO has already proven itself for making any website understandable for both user and search engine robots; they take care of the sites content marketing, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, social promotion, and expert analysis that is why many website business owners are investing in SEO. Although SEO is a never-ending process, most of us cannot afford to pay for SEO rates especially for the SMB or small to medium-sized businesses. Though they have a budget of $300-$500 per month, most SEO will ignore them. What these SMB does not know is that they can still produce an organic search presence just by following these ingredients to do it right in 2015.

Mind the content

Most SMB’s mistake start with their site’s content. They really do not need SEO to write their content. With a short budget SMB should start to create their content. If they are having a hard time, they could check out their competitors who are “doing it right”. Start by simply searching some phrases and keywords and see a site that ranks first. But do not be fooled by the rankings, keep on reading and look for the best sites to follow. In order to OPTIMIZE the web content:

  • KEYWORD RESEARCH– this can help generate traffic through searches. The keywords should be appealing and contain information most people are searching about.
  • KEYWORD OPTIMIZATION– research on the proper ways on how to maximize the contents search ability.
  • CONTENT ORGANIZATION– the site’s content should be logically organized. This is not just for SEO, this could also help the site visitors to find other related contents easily.
  • CONTENT PROMOTION– increases the site’s visibility by creating or sharing it on social networks and build links to the content.

Speaking of links..

SEO back links or also known as incoming links, inbound links, in links and inward links are the incoming links in the website page. The site’s number of back links indicates the popularity or importance of the site, which is an important factor in search engine ranking.

For SMB’s benefits, here are ways in which they can easily build links to their Website.”

  • Use everything you got; start with the internal links; make sure to link to other appropriate anchors to boost the business just a little. Next is to look for unlinked mentions. There are instances in which a costumer mentions the company, but forgot to add the link back to the website. Contact them and remind them of their error.
  • Socialized, list the site with a directory link to build site visibility and to get a link back. Syndication links is perfect for bloggers; they could submit their RSS to a syndication service so that their contents can be exposed to a new audience to help get an individual link to articles as they are posted. Link on social media accounts just makes sure that the web is linked from twitter, LinkedIn. YouTube and Facebook so that they can be in complete control of their accounts.
  • Use the site’s content, they can use the guest blog to increase exposure and to gain links. Article directories are similar to guest blogs; they just need to submit their articles to directories to get links from content and the last is to write linkable content, creating unique content is still the best way to get links. Become a resource and links will follow shortly.

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