Penguin 4.0 Rolled Out, Are You Prepared for It?

Penguin 4.0 Rolled Out, Are You Prepared for It?

  • 28 Oct 0

Google, Yahoo, and Bing are three of the finest search engines in the entire world. This big Software is designed to seek information from the World Wide Web. The results they found are being presented on a page also known as SERP or Search Engine Results Pages. The information is either in the form of web pages, images, videos, new and others. In order to keep their information fresh and reliable, search engines run an algorithm on a web crawler.

What is a Search Engine Algorithm?

In general, Search Engine Algorithms are sets of rules or formulas used by the search engine in order to determine the value of a web page. All search engines available are using algorithms, but they follow their own rules. Some of their rules cover whether a web page is real or spam, if it has any significant or relevant data that could attract people, and other forms of features.

They are doing this so that it would be a lot easier on their part to be organized and manage all the information on their SERP. Due to its function, search engine algorithms are often called as the “Secret Sauce” behind the Search Engine Optimization design.

Although major search engines have their own rules or formula to follow, these rules have been going through changes over the past few years in order to fight back against black hat schemes and now Google, as the largest search engine in the world, made an official statement on September 23, 2016 with regards to Penguin being real-time.

Penguin was first heard of in April 2012. Its main purpose was to deal with websites that were garnering their links in unnatural ways just to boost their SEO ranking. On the day Google spread out this update, plenty of websites went under penalties and eventually dropped out of search pages. With the presence of Penguin, the rules of search engine completely change and a new era for link building has begun.

From Penguin, it becomes Google Penguin 4.0 as of September 23. Finally, it is now a part of Google’s heart of algorithm. From this day on, websites are going to be evaluated in real time and as a result, increase and decrease in rankings will happen in real time too. As a result, websites working on their black hat schemes can easily be determined and penalized by Penguin.

Now that Penguin 4.0 rolled out, are you prepared for it?

Be prepared by knowing some of the things about Google Penguin 4.0 update like the following:

  • Penguin 4.0 will not entail data refreshes; instead it will work with a live index.
  • In Penguin 4.0, mobile site ranking will continue to lead.
  • The presence of Social Media will still have an indirect effect on website ranking.
  • Penguin 4.0 will tighten the restrictions, or will hold the power, of balance as a real-time algorithm.
  • In Penguin 4.0, personalized content will be given favors.
  • Penguin 4.0 will favor content that is being shared in multiple channels several times.
  • With Penguin 4.0, Google’s knowledge graph will continue to enlarge which will reduce the size of organic traffic.
  • Penguin 4.0 gives way to smart watches and mobile surfing in making an impact on local searches.
  • Penguin 4.0 will ensure that external links will continue to lose credibility and brand mentioning.
  • The Google Penguin 4.0 will be rolling out to all languages and in all countries around the globe.

Now that Penguin 4.0 has changed Search Engine Algorithm, many fear that Penguin could pose a danger to them, with the primary reason being that Penguin will never inform them if their website is being penalized. They can only assume by observing the signs like a drop in web traffic, and the continuous declining position of their keywords.

Although the sites are being penalized without being informed, Penguin 4.0 sees to it that the website owners can see the results of their actions in short amount of time. As a result, they can quickly recover from their downfall. But still, is there a way for these people to protect their website from an unexpected drop in their search engine ranking?

  1. They should constantly monitor their position in the Search Engine.

They can do this by setting up an email alert so that they can stay informed if their position has changed in SERP. Besides that, they must ensure that they are not only tracking their keywords but its significant subdivisions.

  1. Make sure that their backlinks profile is healthy and clean.

They must make a habit of checking any lost or new backlinks, their corresponding value and if they are handling the suspicious ones.

  1. If they can, they should conduct a deep backlink audit on their website.

With Penguin’s granular approach, it is important on their part to audit their back links for essential sub domains and subdivisions of the site.

  1. They could set up properties in Google search consoles for each domain or sub-path, if needed they should also update their files as needed.

Now that the majority of people are aware of the presence of Penguin 4.0, they should not take this negatively because with Penguin’s real time feature, they can easily recover from penalties much faster. The speed also allows them to play or experiment with various method in order to lessen their errors as they make their way to the top rank.

With the arrival of Penguin, we can expect that over the next weeks that people might hear plenty of stories of recovering and non-recovery from different site owners that are penalized by Penguin. Facing Penguin will never be a problem for those websites that are competent and careful in optimizing their website for SEO. With Penguin 4.0, website owners will no longer use black hat schemes, but will take care to find ways to optimize their site in favor of Penguin’s algorithm.


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