Vitarank’s Guarantee


We’ve been in this game long enough to know that guarantees are few and far between. There’s a reason for that, and when you scale an SEO business like we have there are bumps in the road.

After working with clients sometimes for thousands of keywords for publicly traded companies, we understand that deadlines cannot be missed under any circumstances.

We like to give all of our customers that kind of expectation. We’re against making excuses, and your deadlines are our deadlines. Missing them is not acceptable, and if we don’t turn your order around within 40 days then we’re going to give you a full refund.


If your report is not full with links after 1 month, reach out to us at support [at] and we will make sure that this report gets completed or you can have a refund. 


We don’t have a 100% satisfaction or 100% ranking guarantee. SEO doesn’t work that way. If you don’t like the service, this is not grounds for a refund. We value our word and your time, and this guarantee protects you from excuses and tardiness on our part as the provider exclusively.

Set your expectations high, however, because we want you to become a long term customer. We’re always here to support you, to address any concerns, and make things right if you have any issues at all. Our staff is 24-7 so you always have someone to speak to if you have any concerns. Best of all our support is SEO educated, and we won’t give you a canned answer – you’ll be speaking to a professional who can give you real assistance.

Your reports will be scheduled to be in your hands with enough time to finish the job, as our link building typically takes place over the course of 1 month please be patient. We’ll only guarantee a delivery date up front, and you’ll usually find our reports are early.

If you find an error or misguided rankings reach out to us and we’ll address it with you, this doesn’t constitute as a late order.