Important Things to Consider When Building Your First Links

Important Things to Consider When Building Your First Links

  • 11 Jan 0

For years, SEO has been a huge minefield for those people who are after their ranking. Because through the years, SEO has gone through immense updates and innovations, making it hard for everyone to easily cope and make it to their desired rank.

Although many find it hard, others have found their way to SEO through link building. To define, Link Building is a process wherein websites can get a hold of hyperlinks coming from others websites to be connected with their own. Since SEO started, it has been using link building in two primary ways.

First is to discover newer or fresher web pages, and second is to help them figure out how good a page could rank with their results. To further explain, the search engine has been crawling on different web pages to extract the pages content to be an addition to their indexes. By doing this, the search engine can easily determine if the page has a sufficient quality when it comes to keyword ranking.

How does SEO really decide?

Besides the use of relevant keywords, SEO is making its decision by going over the content of the page and on the number of links pointing to the page coming from external websites. In short, every time high-quality websites are linked on a certain page it will attain a good ranking in a search engine.

Reaching the highest ranking in SEO is a dream come true to many business marketers. They are the ones who are really eager to make it on the top spot of search engines for the sake of their business brand and reputation. With the importance of links in SEO ranking, marketers are thinking of several ways to increase the number of a quality links connected to their website. If they succeeded with their link building method, they are entitled to the following benefits:

  • It can build relationships.

With link building, it involves connecting with other relevant websites and blogs. Once they are connected, it would be a lot easier for these marketers to promote things they have created, like an info graphic or a valuable. Aside from that, a steady or long term relationship will be built between two parties and people will learn to trust and regard the business for their needs.

  • It drives in web traffic.

Marketers should work with their link building because whenever they are connected or linked to a highly visited or renowned website, they are attracting audiences to check the site. The number of people viewing the websites will turn to leads that can increase their website traffic. Besides that, if their website is relevant enough, these leads can turn into sales in the future.

  • It has a huge role in building a business brand.

Every time a marketer succeeds with their websites in building good links, they are helping their business to come up or establish a strong brand name that can go a long way.

If every marketer wants to indulge with the benefits provide by a good link building. They have to ensure that their first attempt at creating a link should be flawless. So, here are important things to consider when building your first links.

  • They must consider their context.

In link building, context is considered the key. For those who are not familiar with SEO, links are one of the main ranking factors used by SEO and any links won’t do or pass search engine. SEO only accepts links that make sense on both a website and human level. Because major search engines like Google stand by their main goal of delivering the most relevant or helpful results to their users with just a few clicks.

  • They have to consider their audience and their website.

For their first link, they should think of their audience first. This is essential for the reason that they are the ones who will be clicking the links, interact with the website, and deliver the ROI. In searching for potential backlinks or link sources, they should probably ask themselves a few questions before they continue, like what are the expectation of their audience as they visit the site, does the business deliver any value to their end users, or why would a website link on their site?

These questions are a great help if they really want to garner great ideas when it comes to their website and it will help a lot as they identify linkable assets for their site.

  • They must consider seeking a good fit.

As they determine the value of their site and what it can offer, the next thing they should do is to look for a website that shares the same vision. In finding a potential link partner, they have to research or browse the sites within their industry and other related websites where they can create a cross-industry connection. 

  • They must consider adding some value.

As they found a potential website and business they could connect with, the next thing they should think of is their introduction. Their business start-up should make a mark to their audience. They should make it more human. Although link emails are a great idea, only a few people are responding to this kind of approach.

If they want to bring in sales, they should reach out to their audience, acting more human. They can do this by going to the website of the person they want to connect with and making sure that their links have valuable information that could help their audience.

But that is not enough, with the continuous changes in SEO algorithm, connecting to people with websites are becoming more valuable, so they may have to take extra measures in doing their homework and adding value to their links for them to connect to those sites that can value their effort and time connecting with them.

Link Building is truly powerful when it comes to the online world. Without links, connections cannot be made and SEO will find it hard to rank every website available on the Internet. With the immense importance of link building, the majority of marketers are expected to level up their game in providing more relevant links to their audience. 


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