If You Have a Local Business, You Need to Consider Local SEO in Your Marketing Arsenal

If You Have a Local Business, You Need to Consider Local SEO in Your Marketing Arsenal

  • 24 Mar 0

When it comes to advertising and marketing, the budget limitations can put a lot of businesses in rough situations. There are different techniques and strategies, that will drive every business to a boost in its traffic. 

Even if you own a small business, making it successful takes time. To be truly successful, you need to know about SEO. Since you are in the world of business industry, local SEO is all around you. Perhaps, 90 percent of your known business owners and entrepreneurs already use local SEO. As a matter of fact, local SEO, like standard SEO, occurs online.

Why? Local SEO is created online because almost every day the competition in the market gets tougher. Sometimes, you wouldn’t know where to focus more to reach your goal. But for now, you can set your focus on optimizing your local search through the help of local SEO services. Right now, you are probably wondering on the difference between the common SEO processes and local SEO.

If you have a local business, you need to consider local SEO in your marketing arsenal. How can one do that? Since SEO is a big leap in the businesses industry, together with technology, local SEO is one of SEO’s subsets. For instance, local SEO is divided into 3 different factors below:

Factor 1 – The local listings and some citations

To start your local SEO campaign, you should create a listings in local directories. Basically, it is the key to a successful local SEO. Customers are usually getting overwhelmed with the number of choices that are offered to them. It is either the places they want to eat at, places where they can shop for their favorite apparels, or gas stations to fill up their car. Hence, search engines aim to make their job easier and make decisions faster.

Search engines ensure that they are providing the best results for all consumers by filtering websites. How would you ensure the quality of its results? Search engines do a cross-referencing process in the World Wide Web to check every data. Especially now that Google updates their search engine all the time to ensure quality results in search results. Therefore, if your business site occurs often at the top lists of search engines, more customers will build trust in your brand.

Factor 2 – Online reviews

Based on the records of Search Engine Land, about 72% of customers trust online reviews more than personal recommendations. 52% shared that some positive reviews online encouraged them to use local businesses more. As a matter of fact, Digital Marketing Works shares that online reviews have a vital role in local SEO.

That is why, if you have a local business, you need to consider local SEO in your marketing arsenal. Reviews especially the positive one can also drive your business site higher or lower. Two major things can be done with an online review as part of your local SEO:

  1. Invite other consumers to leave their review.
  2. Manage your good reputation online.

Inviting people to drop their reviews is more of a call-to-action or direct to the point. It directs customers on what they should do. Meanwhile, managing your good reputation online is a bit of a hassle as you have to watch out and avoid some negative reviews. Online reviews can make or break your brand so you haveto be able to handle them right. 

Factor 3 – The optimization of on-site local SEO

Optimization is the most critical part of your business’ online existence. This is also the most important or major part of your local SEO. Since this part determines the location of your business, your NAP is usually given. Your NAP stands for the Name, Address and Phone number of your business.

Every page of your website should include your NAP, the footer is a recommended place for that. It can be placed in one page or corner too like the Contact Us page. Other components of your business site should be ensured with your URL, page titles, Meta descriptions, headline 1 and headline 2 tags throughout your site’s content. 

Example of NAP:
Lyric Recovery Services, Inc.
1210 S. Bascom Ave, Ste 205
San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 216-9826

The info above needs to be consistent on all of your online properties.

These 3 factors are related to all customers today. Before technology and internet were introduced to us, the Yellow Pages catalog was our major tool for searching services that we needed. Believe it or not, flipping over thousands of pages of this catalogue is very time-consuming. Checking every little detail in small font sizes that were squeezed onto every page sounds too boring and archaic.

According to the latest results of the landscape today, more than 125 million of customers in the US use smartphones every day. They use their smartphones anywhere they go to do business and manage a lot of things for their needs. In fact, 54% of subscribers online came from mobile subscribers. The breakdown of customer’s levels that use their smartphones vary:

  • Almost 50% search for a product online on their smartphone before they purchase it.
  • 29% of all smartphone users are willing to scan mobile tags to get online coupons.
  • 47% of customers take advantage of their mobile phones to search some local information.

If you live in New York and you want some pizza in your area, you would probably type in Pizza New York or Pizza delivery in New York instead of just Pizza. In this way, the search engines job becomes faster to provide the exact results you want.

Finally, if you have a local business, you need to consider local SEO in your marketing arsenal and keep it mobile friendly. Optimized sites for mobile gets more advantage to other sites since more than 50% of consumers now purchase items and services through their mobile phones.

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