How to Take Advantage of AI in SEO Part 2

How to Take Advantage of AI in SEO Part 2

  • 29 Jun 0

Leverage Customer or Client Reviews!

First, you need to get your customer or client base to give you reviews. That’s basic stuff. But, you already know that, and you have thousands of great reviews on your site, Amazon, and other places that sway people into buying your stuff. Good for you! Now you need to leverage those reviews to ensure that you rank higher in Google and other search engines because of it. When people search ‘the best sushi in Seattle’, there will be all the sushi in Seattle that comes up. If you want to be the first one, you will want to incorporate the words in your reviews into your website or other content. You obviously can’t write your own reviews and put links in them, but this is a way for you to directly connect with Yelp, and other review sites. The words those customers or clients use can be your topic in a section of your content. Lots of businesses just list the reviews on their website, which is fine too, but there are many intuitive ways of getting the same result from linking reviews on third-party sites to your content.

Make the Best Use of Your Business Data

This goes just a bit off topic, but it is just great information nonetheless. Using your business’ data that you gather around the web, and even in your brick-and-mortar is crucial for predicting what your business should be doing and what your customers or clients need before they do. It’s a powerful concept that may be lost on some, but trust me, a business can go from bland to tasteful overnight with an experience data analyst making accurate predictions based on your company’s data. Is it hard for someone who has never done it before? Absolutely. Hire an expert.

What does this have to do with SEO? Well, when you can predict the local market, your country’s market, or even a world market, you have a tremendous advantage over your competitors. These predictions can come in many forms, but for SEO purposes, they can come in the form of new information gathered by leaders and experts in the industry and then your business then uses those keywords and key phrases to be the first to move that market. Small businesses have exploded overnight by making great predictions in the market, and then making sure that when that trend goes viral, they are the ones who pop up first.

On a smaller scale, you can keep up with trends that your customers don’t even know about on a daily basis and predict trends locally or for specific services or products to stay ahead of the game. Your website, content, and SEO practices need to reflect this foresight and expertise.

Use AI Yourself

Fight fire with fire, right? What better for AI to interact with than AI? Most companies have made good use out of chatbots, help center AI, and even AI interwoven within their website through their service. Chatbots are a great way to start ranking better because they are set to use words that will help your SEO. When a search engine crawls your site, it looks for everything it can that is even remotely related to the search query. Your chatbot can relay some very important information with all the right words that Google will love to have. Plus, chatbots take care of your customers 24/7, so you’d be silly not to have one, especially since there are free apps out there that’ll give you one.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this stuff can get pretty complicated, I know. Artificial intelligence is the path to the future though. It is how we will get to Mars, fix world problems, and get better rankings for our websites on Google. With the latter being the most important. In all seriousness, it is only going to get more complicated as time goes on, so having an expert to do all this stuff for you is the right way to go. Would you build your own house by yourself? No. Why would you build an entire online presence that competes with millions of other people and businesses in hopes of being at the top by yourself? That’s just silly.

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