How Important is SEO?

How Important is SEO?

  • 17 Jan 0

How Important is SEO?

SEO is extremely important, but every little piece and part of SEO are not created equal, and some of the techniques people do, sometimes even pay for, just do not make the impact worth the money, if it makes an impact at all. Recently, it was deeply researched that a business name is one of the most important parts of SEO. If you pick a name like, Best Digital Marketing, those words are going to have a ton of competition fighting for the top spot. Names like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others like them are genius, because there are no other names like that in the world, so their chance at the top spot are almost guaranteed. Be sure to take a look at your business name and what keywords you want to be known for. The lower the competition and the higher the search queries the better.

Some people will spend thousands a month for backlinks, which is crazy, because most of the links that you can buy are garbage links, which mean they do not work. While backlinks are very important, just like most things, they take time, work, and patience to get. The best way to get backlinks is simply by networking. Backlinks are ranked, the more authority a page has, the better the backlink will be. This is a hard thing for a business owner to manage and keep up on, that is why companies offer a backlinking service, but only reputable companies should be considered. Digital marketing companies are going to be the best option because they know how to get backlinks, how to keep backlinks, and how to manage it all for you easily.

How Long Does SEO Take?

It depends on the business. If you are in a very specific niche that has low competition, especially in your area, you may see your traffic go up literally overnight. However, most techniques take time. SEO essentially helps build your reputation, and reputation takes time to build, if you want trusting, loyal customers. Areas of focus need to be broken up into priorities based on the marketing strategy. On-page SEO is going to probably get much more attention than social media does, but again, this may all depend on the type of business you have. Social media presence usually takes a lot more time considering you have to build a following, keep up on ads, and engage people on a regular basis. Time allotted for a good social media presence is 3-6 months. This is in stark contrast to on-page SEO, where you basically just pick keywords, branding, and strategically set them to work for your web presence.

So, I Should Probably SEO?

There is absolutely no reason to not have a pro SEO your website. If you are a small business, your success will probably depend on it, especially in the age of gigantic corporations taking over. SEO gives you the means to reach the people that want your product, so give them the means to buy it from you, after all, who does not like more money?


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