How Content Marketing Drives Quality SEO: A 5-Step Process in Success

How Content Marketing Drives Quality SEO: A 5-Step Process in Success

  • 21 May 0

There are plenty of old adage that can be attributed to something needing another, or it would not exist. Content marketing and SEO are things that cannot, and should not, be separated in a good plan to drive traffic. Not just any traffic though. Your marketing plan needs to have a certain purpose, or voice, if you wish to collect loyal, paying customers that will keep coming back, tell their friends, and click links on your site.

The entire process in creating quality content, marketing that content, and then making that content work for you in as many ways as possible with as much potency as possible is the name of the game. So, how exactly does marketing content on your site, social media, or even other sites drive quality SEO?

The Simple 5-Step Process

If you do not have a strategy before you dive into this process, you are going to find out very quickly that you are treading water, just barely enough to stay alive, but are effectively drowning. If the proper research from reputable sources is not done you cannot even have the quality of content you need. Kiss your SEO dreams of being even on the first page of search results, even for lowkey keywords, goodbye. These five things are absolutely necessary to marketing quality content to drive your SEO results to where you want them to be:

Organize – You must organize your thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams, in a way that you can use it later as a resource for maintaining organization throughout the process. Understanding how everything works in the process is under the banner of staying organized as well. Organizing sources, resources, papers, and other things is only part of it. Keep your ideas together as well. Even if you have to go buy a corkboard to hang on your wall where you use string to tie together theories like an FBI agent. Whatever works for you.

Research – Going into anything blind is a bad idea. You should know what you are up against if you hope to gain an upper hand. Especially when the idea of driving quality SEO is among the top priorities of any marketing department in any company that knows what they are doing.

The market for digital marketing is, well, quite saturated, and you will need every bit of knowledge to gain the upper hand. Research keywords and key phrases that will take you to the top of the search results. They must be searched at a high volume, but still have a low competition. You will often find that it is difficult to find the words that you want with those criteria. The idea is to use words that will get visitors to your site. Even if those words are not the ones you would like to use.

You must be able to adapt. If you check through your analytics (which you should have set up), you will find that people found your site more often than not through keywords and key phrases that have nothing to do with your SEO plan. Have you ever clicked through the internet for an hour and found that you have no idea how you got to where you are? That is how everyone surfs the web. Count on outside the box thinking to help take you to the top of the results.



Planning / Strategy – You now should have your knowledge organized, so now it is time to plan and strategize your content marketing so that it works to boost your rankings and drive traffic in the most efficient way possible. Through your research, you found your keywords and key phrases to use, so plan to research even a bit deeper into affiliate keywords to find every possible path for site visitors to take to you.

Use your knowledge you gained about how Google and other search engines work. What do they look for? How do they crawl a webpage? Should I use links? How many should I use? How often should you provide quality content? These are great questions that need answering. Every plan is different, and the difference between the first week and the 6th month of your content marketing plan probably could not be more different. Plan and strategize the best you can, but be willing to adapt and overcome, as well.

Create Quality Content – Some companies take to Microsoft Word and get to typing. But, creating quality content is not just about putting some words on the paper and stopping for the day. A professional writer spends years perfecting their craft of writing blogs, articles, books, etc. If you wish to have quality content, make sure that first you have the people that are qualified to do so. If your content lacks what it needs to be SEO friendly, then all the work in researching and planning will be for nothing. People will not be able to find it online.

Writing quality content is a delicate balance of inserting keywords and key phrases, bringing new and improved ideas to the table, formatting the content that the search engines like, and having enough copy for the writing to even be considered to be something Google would put at the top.

A good rule of thumb to live by when considering the quality of your content is to remember that the search engines have a very tough, and important job to do. Google and others like it have an obligation to their site visitors to provide them with the latest, most important, and relevant content possible. The search engines use algorithms that determine what the results will be. But, you should already know how those ever-changing algorithms work from the research stage of the process.

Having your marketing department create your copy is great if you have that option. Otherwise, most companies make good use of a professional writer to either staff or have as an independent contractor, only used when content is needed, which is nice to have. Some companies, like TypedIt, create quality, professional content for all kinds of companies.

As long as all the SEO tasks are completed while creating the content, you can move onto the next and final stage.

Acting Upon Your Plan – Everything should be in place by now. So, you can focus on all that work to start working for you. That content is the gateway to which new and existing customers will use to find you, what you offer, your services, and other content they can interact with.

The keywords you chose are already being searched for, so your content should be elbowing its way through the crowd towards the top. Also, ensure that content you created is used in every single way possible. Here are a few different ways you can use content:


  • Use excerpts, phrases, or bits of the content to use in social media, email blasts, messaging campaigns, and even on the front page of your website. You can even put them on other people’s websites, if you can work out a mutually beneficial deal with them to trade links. Try and use the bits out of the original content in a way that entices people to click it without creating clickbait. Unless that is what you are going for…


  • Content does not usually just contain words anymore. It will contain videos, pictures, links, and other things you can insert into the copy. (Your content should have at least a few of these things) Use those pieces of content to create flyers, teasers, social media posts, emails, or even smaller blog posts. People like digesting small bits of information often. It works in your favor every time.


  • If you have been at this a while, you will know that the content adds up quickly. Often, people think that older content is useless, outdated, and cannot be used again. That could not be further from the truth. Incorporate older content, that is still relevant and useful, and use it to your advantage by introducing it into newer content, breathing new life back into something you have probably stopped making money on.


When you see an entrepreneur, who is done something with themselves come out with a new book, it is likely just an organized version of older data, research, ideas, facts, and other content mixed with some new content.

Do not forget about using your content to increase your branding awareness while you are at it. Stay on point with your message to your new and existing customers. Your content should maintain your company’s ‘voice’ at all times. This becomes particularly useful when doing guest blogging, running ads, and posting whatever you post on social media.

Using this simple 5-step process is really the best way to ensure the internet pathway to your business is more like the yellow brick road instead of a dirty alleyway with questionable residents. You must market your content aggressively, with confidence, while staying on brand and focusing on the things that matter to the search engines who provide that pathway for you.

Content cannot live without SEO, and vice versa, and the steps provided cannot be shortened in any way, so the burden of finding an efficient means to get yourself or your people through the process as quickly as possible while ensuring quality is the biggest hurdle you must overcome. Thinking creatively and brainstorming new and innovative ideas is likely the only way you will make a splash in the vast ocean of businesses attempting to do the exact same thing you are doing at this very moment.

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