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Why Vitarank?

An introduction for our first time members:

The average American mayor or city administrator has to wear many hats.  As the chief executive officer who is in charge of many municipal departments; including Fire, Police, Public Works, Water, Sewer, Library, Museum and others, it is not an easy task to run the day to day. In addition, there is the duty of working with a council/board of directors and taking care of constituents.  Yet with all these tasks to take care of, one very important task gets put on the back burner of most cities. 

This one important task is used by every fortune 500 company and by the largest cities in all 50 States. 

Which task is this?  It is branding a city in the digital age! Large corporations and large cities understand this and put millions of dollars to the effort to create a brand.

How is this done, and what does it look like? We have discovered 5 crucial keys to any city’s branding success

  1. Reputation Management – rumors can be squelched by good transparent information sent to the majority
  2. Transparency First – upload all ordinances, budgets, and resolutions to the web for public view
  3. Website management – have an up to date, debugged site
  4. Social Media is a must in the digital age – Where do you stand on this?
  5. SEO – If people don’t know about you how will you attract the best to move to your city?

Many times as elected officials we spend the majority of our time putting out fires and dealing with citizens that are not happy. About this, there is good and bad news.  The good news is VitaRank can help keep your cities name moving forward even in negative times. The bad news is, we can do “nothing” about the handful of complainers that every city has, except to help you keep the truth out there. 

Now, “Why” VitaRank?  VitaRank for Cities was created by a mayor who realized that every city deserves the opportunity to compete in the digital market. But competing is impossible when limited funds have to go to Police, Fire, Etc.  Seeing this problem, Vita Rank creates a membership based company that allows several cities to pay a little, and for a fraction of the cost of hiring a team to handle a city’s digital needs. This gives you the power to compete and gives people the opportunity to see ‘My city as I see my city’. This is powerful for constituents and future constituents looking for a place to live.  

Our Guarantee:

This kind of change doesn’t happen overnight. Follow our plan of action for a year, and see your city and elected officials favorable ratings rise and complaints decrease, or we will refund your membership.  How can we give a guarantee like this? Because we know this works! We have seen it in reelection rates and satisfaction ratings when the 5 key factors are properly implemented. VitaRank can partner with you to get it done!

Vitarank City Membership Dues

Population <1,000$399 YearlyPopulation 1,001-10,000$499 YearlyPopulation 10,001+$799 Yearly
City Population<10001001-1000010001+
Membership Services:
- Specialist Consultation
- Website Audit Report
- URL Testing
- Backlink Problems
Exclusive Membership Services (request quote):
Uploading BudgetsSocial Media Growth ServicesContent WritingReputation ManagementPress Release Distribution
Website Repair/BuildingSEO ServicesTransparency WorkUploading ResolutionsUploading Ordinances

Special City Membership + Basic SEO Website Optimization Packages!

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City Membership + Basic SEO Website Optimization Packages

Small City999 YearlyMedium City1499 YearlyBig City1999 Yearly
Membership Services
Specialist Consultation
Website Audit Report
URL Testing
Backlink Problems
Basic SEO Package
URLs Max123
Keywords Max123
Keyword Research and Analysis
On-Page Generated Report (for provided URLs)
Blog Posts123
Social Media Management1 Post23
Social Media Promotion123
Authority Web 2.0 Network Posts111
Web 2.0 Blog Posts111
PPT Slideshow Shares111
Videos + Distribution111
Image Posts (Pinterest)111
Manual Bookmarks111
Top Directory Submission (only first month)111
Authority Profiles111
Press Releases111
Guest Posts123