Google to Implement Mobile-First Indexing, Is this for Real?

Google to Implement Mobile-First Indexing, Is this for Real?

  • 14 Nov 0

Nowadays, a lot of people have smartphones, which they use for their searches in Google. But the problem is, Google’s ranking system still relies heavily on the desktop version of the content’s page. This is to evaluate its content’s relevance to the user’s needs. In the end, this causes some problem and issues when mobile pages have less content compared to desktop.

How is that possible? This is due to the fact that Google’s algorithm is not yet set to evaluate pages that mobile users’ access. So, Google finally took action toward this problem by starting an experiment for SEO. This experiment was put in place by Google to implement mobile-first indexing even though they will still stay with a single index. This will now benefit websites and apps. Their algorithms will now start monitoring ranks of pages from mobile devices.

But since this experiment of Google to implement mobile-first indexing is just the beginning, more progress should be expected. Their index will be created from mobile documents but they will still continue their experiment until they come up with an outstanding result for both desktop and mobile devices. This area might not ring a bell for the ordinary end-user, but for SEO experts and businesses, it’s very vital. In fact, this is an advantage for SEO experts and agencies to implement and increase their rankings.

The aim of Google to implement mobile-first indexing will focus on the mobile version of a page’s content. This will allow Google to learn how it should be indexed in search engines through mobile devices. But of course, the desktop version will never be left behind since its indexing will be improved too.

Hence, Google ensures netizens that they are taking this matter seriously one step at a time. However, this will not be used for the mean time since they are still monitoring their work and its overall experience. For all SEO experts and agencies, here are some of Google’s recommendations to help their webmasters:

  • If webmasters already have a dynamic or responsive site, they don’t have to change anything anymore. Their site’s main content and gains are equal between desktop and mobile already.
  • If they have a configuration site, they should make some necessary changes to their site. This happens when their main content and gains are different between desktop and mobile.
  • If they are the site owner themselves who verified their desktop site only at Search Console, they should add, then verify, their mobile version.

What if webmasters and site owners don’t have a mobile site yet? They should not worry about it too much. Google will still use their desktop version site to rank their site. Google ensures that they will continue to index their desktop site to work smoothly even if it’s viewed on mobile.

As of this moment, Google is still on a roll of experimenting but they will keep on updating as they continue to progress. For now, site owners and webmasters can anticipate for the upcoming SEO advancement soon as Google implement mobile-first indexing.

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