Good Old Quality SEO Techniques Still Reign

Good Old Quality SEO Techniques Still Reign

  • 27 Mar 0

A recent study made by the Conductor revealed the top SEO tactics and problems that have helped and plagued their 1000 respondents from various B2B and B2C organizations. The respondents were asked what their SEO priorities are when it comes to marketing that have given the best results. Results sprung to eight objectives, namely: they want to 1. Increase Lead Generation 2. Increase Website Traffic 3. Increase Traffic Conversion Rate 4. Improve Natural Search Rankings 5. Improve Brand Awareness 6. Improve Analytics & Reporting 7. Attribute Sales Revenue to SEO and 8. Increase Content Development. They were then asked to self asses the current techniques (this will be discussed in the next paragraph) that they are utilizing in relation to the SEO goals that they prioritized and the results were quite pessimistic. Eighteen percent (18%) said that their methodologies were failing; while 55% said they are somewhat successful. The remaining 17% said that they are very successful in their chosen strategy in relation to their priority.

So what is blocking the success? This was also addressed in the study as the respondents were also asked as to what they think is hindering so and was ranked that resulted to 8 reasons: a) Limited SEO Skills In-House b) Limited SEO Budget c) Optimizing Content with Keywords d) Lack of Effective Strategy e) Attributing Sales to SEO f) Identifying New Keywords g) Understanding Search Algorithms g) Lack of Quality Content.  

With these data stemmed from the research, we can interpret that companies, regardless of the nature of their business, are still struggling to juggle SEO into their marketing plan. They are still in the midst of transitioning from traditional methodologies to incorporating the crazy world of SEO and the doors that open them to opportunities. Also, according to the study, when asked of their experience with their current SEO tactics, it revealed that quality content creation along with frequent website updating, keyword management and social media integration have given them very effective results. But what’s amazing is that when asked what are the toughest SEO techniques to implement, survey shows that ones are also on the top of the list cementing the thought that  the most difficult to execute guarantees great results. Because of this deal breaker, some of the companies are outsourcing their SEO execution, while only a few companies still consider in-house SEO.

With all these considerations, it seems companies are still on the crossroads and still have doubts whether to hire SEO experts to upgrade their online campaign to the next level. Here are two in depth reasons:

  1. These companies haven’t figured out a process or structure wherein the benefits of SEO is fully shown along with the statistics of exposure, current page rank, and revenue generated among others. If companies don’t act now, that desired traffic may be up for grabs by the competition.
  2. They’re not open minded, as these companies tend to focus on the basics of SEO while in fact they need a full-blown campaign. For example, these firms tend to focus more on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram campaigns while in fact, if you add in YouTube or other social media sites, it gradually increases your online presence and exposure. Content mapping seems to be neglected as well as some firms tend to veer more of favor presence than good quality.

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