Free vs. Paid Blogging

Free vs. Paid Blogging

  • 20 Feb 0

Free vs. Paid Blogging Platforms: Which is Better for SEO?

Everyone likes free. But, you get what you pay for, right? Now, that old adage is true in most cases, but there are some free things that are incredible. SEO is on every business owner’s mind. Having a strong digital presence is extremely important, but saving money is also important, so do you pay for a blogging site or do you go for the free blogging sites? Let us break them down and see which ones come out on top.

Paid Blogging Sites

SquarespaceThis platform is one of the best around. This site has stunning features and tons of options for building your blog. It is a website creator, so you can upgrade from just having a blog in the future. The process to get started blogging on Squarespace is simple.

Once you register with Squarespace, you will be prompted to pick from many templates that are all amazing looking. Do not worry, they are all professional and look amazing, and you can change everything later, they are just there to help you get started, making the process simpler for you. Once you sign in:

  • You will need to come up with a website title, which is likely your business title
  • Then you will need to write a website description
  • Once that is done, the fun begins, and you are taken to your new website
  • The interface is simple, but there is a lot to do, but the “help” button on the side panel will get you the info you need to get started.


Squarespace is very SEO friendly, just like most other platforms. The work has to be done yourself, researching key words and phrases, and getting organic traffic.


WixThis website is arguably the best paid blogging website out there. When you set up a website on Wix, you have the option to have the site done for you, or you can start from nothing. Wix is mobile friendly, so you can blog on the go, and it has an SEO tool. The SEO tool is a large checklist that checks your website for errors, so you can fix them to better optimize your site.


 Free Blogging Sites


There are too many free blogging sites to list, but there are a few that millions of people use every day.


WordPressThis is the biggest site that people use for their websites, blogs, articles, and online stores. WordPress has hundreds of plug-ins that will help you create a truly unique blog for your readers. Those plug-ins will help you do basically anything. There are many that specifically optimize your site for search engines and give you a checklist to reference while you optimize.


There are many, so do a quick search on your favorite search engine to find them all. Some will be better than others. WordPress includes free hosting, is mobile friendly, and they have thousands of designs available to easily create your blog. WordPress is best for business, pro, hobby or personal, and artistry blogs. WordPress is excellent for beginners.


BloggerThis website is not unlike WordPress, but it is basically for blogs. It is absolutely free to use the entire way and does not have any hidden fees or other paid content. Hosting is included for hobby or personal blogs and is great for beginners.


TumblrThis site is a wonderful way to get your blog out there for people to read. The features associated with SEO are not there, but the site is popular enough to have your voice heard without doing SEO. Tumblr includes free hosting, is very mobile-friendly, hundreds of designs available, and ranks a perfect score in ‘ease of use’. It is great for beginners and personal blogs. Although, there are many categories that you can put yourself in and choose what goes into your feed.


There are plenty of other free sites like Medium and Ghost, so you can take a look around and see what each of them has to offer you as a blogger. Honestly, having multiple accounts on each site is going to get you the most readers. You can post one blog to all of them at the same time, so you do not have to mess with every single account every day. That would be way too time consuming. You never know what will go viral on what site, so your best chance is with all of them.

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