Dominate SPAM Email SEO Pitches

Dominate SPAM Email SEO Pitches

  • 27 Mar 0

Thousands of emails are exchanged every single day to promote SEO approaches to businesses, trying to sell themselves and their services or products to every business contacts they have at their disposal. Sometimes, these pitches never get to see the light of day. What seems to be wrong? Why isn’t anyone biting your pitch? Is it too aggressive? Does it lack grit? Am I hitting the right audience? And many other questions that spin through your mind right now. Read on as we’ll give you tips on how to get those clients craving for more.


As many business men receive corporate emails almost every day, your sales email may not be a priority, so it is only vital for you to stand out but in a good way though. But you have to strike the right blend of elements to catch your clients’ attention. One could not emphasize how extremely crucial it is to catch your clients’ attention and eventually their trust. You just can’t mess this up and there is no room for errors. Enthusiasm may be great and may bring that right energy, but in this day of great technological advancements, flattery can get you nowhere; besides, too much can come across as too pageantry thus can lead to overkill. Also, most scams often begin with flowery introductions. Going straight to the point is often a more preferred way in most corporate settings since they are too busy to be bored with details they don’t need. But how about clients who are not that hardcore corporate and have different target audiences such as children and teens. So it requires you to do a unique, audience-targeted approach. But considering the situations above these could be risky.

All of these are correct, but you have to balance it out together and consider what your clients needs first. Do not send the same pitch for all of your business contacts. Each business is different and you have to tailor-fit each piece based on their needs and preferences. This doesn’t mean you have to do this for all the clients; Group them! Categorize them by target audience, since not all businesses require a formal approach. Enthusiasm is needed in minimum dosages for formal businesses, while less serious ones can be given a heaping of this strategy. Being straight to the point is helpful, but, kind of lacks excitement, so a combination of these in business targeting children or teens sites is the best approach. Sticking to one element alone is sort of boring but combining them leads to something trendier.


Psychologically speaking, we have been trained to be overprotective of ourselves when someone tries to sell us something especially in online markets. The main factor will be that we have been exposed to the hazards and disappointments of falling into a sales trap, from friends or TV or other forms of media that we are convinced us that every sales pitch is like that. We have become paranoid that they are always after our money. So fashion your sales pitch’s body so that it maximizes their gains without compromising yours. Bank more on what they’ll be getting versus your own. Leave or minimally discuss in a different meeting (hopefully if they contact you) what you will be getting as this raises suspicion. You want them to trust you, right? Focus on their needs, focus on what directions they’ll be moving to. Tailor fit your pitch. This would give clients the feel that you are really dead serious in helping them by exerting effort (whether intended or not). Also emphasize on what you could do for them. Reel in the big guns. Explain your services in details and back it up with experience, client testimony links, and a portfolio, if you have to. Do not exaggerate but enhance. Your arsenal of big buzzwords and adjectives would now come in handy.


As important as starting the pitch, closing it the right way is as essential as well. This strengthens the impression you gave them and just like the icing on a cake, you have to leave that lasting impression. This is where the unique, direct to the point approach is more suitable. You’ve got to leave a gaping hole into the clients mind by leaving them a need for your services; a need that only you can provide. Make your statements sound that only you can fix that gaping hole. You will need a sweeping, yet concise statement to finish this off. But that doesn’t mean you have to sound arrogant. Make it gentle and seemingly innocent in your sentence construction. Gentle yet crushingly affirmative is major key.


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