Content is Important for SEO and Here’s Why

Content is Important for SEO and Here’s Why

  • 20 Mar 0

Why Content is Important for SEO

Ever heard the phrase “content is king”? If you are anywhere near the world of digital marketing, SEO, blogging, creating or even having a website, then you have heard the phrase before. Those three words can make or break your company. The content you have for your social media, website, blog, or anything else online is going to be the difference between downranking into the oblivion of the internet, never to be seen again, or ranking on the first page and being seen by everyone. We all know which one everyone is going for, but how is the content on the internet so important for search engine optimization?

Search Engine Crawling

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, along with all the others work through the internet, turning over every rock and stone to find the relevant information the user is looking for. Think of it like trying to find someone in a crowd. You are searching for a men’s red t-shirt, and there are people that will disperse the crowd according to your search query. A lot of men’s clothing, t-shirt companies, and red men’s fashion will display in the search results. So, you will get everyone wearing a red t-shirt in the crowd.

How do the search engines know what to disperse and what to select? The people wearing the red t-shirts in the crowd are yelling out to the search engines, “I have a men’s red t-shirt, and I am extremely popular!” So, the search engine starts with the most authoritative pages (people in the crowd) first. They are the best result that they can find for the user. Then, using a selective process, the search engine crawls the content of each site, ranking the authority, relevance, and recent activity relating to the search query. The search engine will not pick the guy who is laying down and trying hard not to be seen, even though he may have the best men’s red t-shirt available in the crowd. The same goes for your website. If you are not utilizing keywords and key phrases in your content, updating your site with new content often, and using back links and outbound links to relevant content, search engines will not know your site exists. That, is the internet oblivion.

Where can I Find Content and Keyword Research Tools?

Google pretty much has everything covered. If you have a website, you need to sign up for Google Analytics, which gives you the power to see how your content is performing. You should also sign up for Google AdWords, which is a marketing tool, but they also have a phenomenal, free keyword planner and research tool that will give you all the information you need to get the best keywords and key phrases.

There are thousands of tools out there for SEO but having a pro do it for you is going to be your best bet. Do not, and I say again, do not use those free “content creator” websites. Those sites are complete garbage and will not create good, relevant content that is even understandable. All they do is use a thesaurus algorithm to change adjectives and nouns to words like it, which does not work most of the time. The only way to get useful content is to either write it yourself, but who has the time? Or, to hire a professional to do it for you for a very affordable price.

Content is How Your Subscribers and Readers Get Information

Ever searched for some information on the internet? Of course, you have, most people get all their information from the internet. When search engines crawl your site, they are looking for the best content, so that they can give the best information to the user searching for whatever. If you have content that is educative, informative, factual, and uses the right keywords and key phrases, your content will be picked among the first of the bunch, regardless of what the rest of your site contains. That is why SEO and blogging is so important. Your website visitor base is counting on you to provide them with the information that they seek. It is up to you to give them that information, so they can feel good about a purchasing decision, subscribing to an email blast, or donating to a nonprofit. This is the information age people, if you do not have information to give on your website, you are going to be sorely disappointed when you end up spending the rest of your life in oblivion.

Final Thoughts

“Content is King”. Just like this blog, filled with information that you chose to seek, is working to prove that phrase to be useful and true. When it comes to SEO, you can spend days, weeks, months, or even years doing all the trivial things that the search engines like to see, like Alt Text for pictures, header tags, easy to read formatting, meta descriptions, and all the other things one must do to have a complete SEO strategy. But, if you do not have relevant content is that useful to people searching for it, the search engines will pass you by and they do not look back. They are sort of cruel that way. But, that is the hustle of the internet. It is an extremely competitive virtual world out there. So, go get a freelancer, hire a company, or write some content yourself so you can throw your hat in the ring, and compete!

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