Can No-Follow Links Really Help Your Sites and How?

Can No-Follow Links Really Help Your Sites and How?

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Links and SEO, these two words may be different from each other but they are connected on a much deeper level because links have a huge contribution when it comes to SEO ranking. How? Whenever a site or page garners an inbound link, the webpage gets a boost in SEO. Links can be compared with a point – the more links, or points, a website provides, the greater its chance of winning in the search engine.

This has been possible since Google is taking note of the points. If Google’s search engine notice that a lot of people are linking to a certain page it is a clear indication that the site offers really good content. It will be automatically placed on a higher ranking as Google ensure that they provide the best pages for their user’s satisfaction.

Taking notes of every link is a crucial task for Google so it comes up with a PageRank which is purely designed to calculate every link points. In the world of links, websites can apply Follow Links or Non-Link on their webpage.

Follow links are the ones that can count as a point and it is the one that boosts site SEO link so that the page can get a higher rating in SERP’s results. Now that everyone is aware of what a Follow Link is, the discussion about the most controversial follow, the no-follow, begins.

It has been the most controversial discussion online because many are still confused on how to use no-follow links on their webpage. To stop the confusion and to answer questions like can no-follow links really help your sites and how? Here is comprehensive information about no-follow links in SEO.

What is a no-follow link?

A no-follow link is the second classification of a link that does not count as a point in search engines. It does not boost a site’s PageRank. Commonly, no-follow links are created with the no-follow link HTML tag

<a href=”signin.php” rel=”nofollow”>sign in</a>

that indicates that the site should not be counted by the search engine.

It might sound really terrible but there is a good reason behind the no-follow link that could help any website if they use no-follow links appropriately. Because if they don’t, they are at great risk of having search engine penalties.

When is the right time to use no-follow link?

Many website owners are having debates about the way they use no-follow links, as most of them use it all over their website in order to protect their webpage. But with no-follow link’s purpose which is to mark a site that it has no value, it should only be used on the following kinds of links:

  • It should be used on Affiliate Links.
  • On an unfamiliar website.
  • On any link that is connected to the website for a paid product placement.
  • Links seen on comments.

With the proper use of no-follow links, the website can attain the following benefits:

  • No-follow links can put up awareness.

For every marketer, building brand awareness with the help of link is very much important. Although no-follow links are not counted in Search Engines, it is still considered a link as long as it is visible. It does not require being followed and it does not have to be clicked, it just needs to be seen to boost awareness.

  • No-follow links can still lead to sure profit.

A website with a no-follow link can still direct to a consumer who spends money for their products and services. If these links can continuously create awareness, it can turn to profit in the long run.

  • No Follow Link can lead to more Links.

Many websites approach their SEO through no-follow links and they eventually earn a second link that is followed. This simple lesson states that a single link even if it’s a no-follow link can attract more links and boost the site’s SERP ranking.

Now that the majority is aware of how powerful no-follow links are, they should practice applying it on their webpage. To ensure that they are getting the most out of their no-follow links, they may want to follow these tips:

  • Come up with ways they can motivate their viewers in clicking their site link.

They can do this by trying out various tweets, testing some headlines, and by shouting out that “once they follow the link something great would happen”. By doing the following method they are actually attracting their audience to follow the link and if their method becomes successful they will garner more traffic and their site would be placed on the top notch of the search engine.

  • They should think of ways that could increase their audience.

This is essential because more people browsing, clicking and responding to their no-follow link leaves them with a bigger chance of attaining what they want with their SEO. But this does not happen magically, they simply have to figure out the right people they need to follow that will instantly follow back.

They could try and send out emails to different people with authority and ask them if they can check out their content. But, they have to make sure that their link contains really good content so that it can earn some shares.

  • They have to ensure that their links are all relevant.

This is one of the most important things that every website must ensure, because many links are being un-clicked for the simple reason that it does not contain any relevant content. This might be a challenge but they can still get ahead by thinking carefully on what content they are going to share, and why the content is relevant.

  • Aside from the link, their content must contain relevant information too.

Although their site link got clicked it is a bad news if they have a bounce rate of 99%. So to prevent this from happening they must come up with the best headline they can possibly think of to ensure that their audience will stick around.

No-follow links may be useless in boosting sites on PageRank but with its powers, it can still position any website in a higher ranking if it’s been used wisely.

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