Building Good Titles and Meta-Descriptions is an Important Factor for SEO

Building Good Titles and Meta-Descriptions is an Important Factor for SEO

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, everyone can read all about SEO online because it plays a major role in major search engines like Google, Bing, and others. What is the important role it plays? SEO is helping out every website to be positioned properly so that it can be easily found by online users during the buying process and whenever they search for information coming from a particular site.

As search engines continue to do what they’re designed for, they can still experience bumps along the way because many websites eager to make a high ranking are using a black hat tactics in order for them to attain what they want. Due to this, major search engines have to continuously change their ranking algorithm in order to hit black hat.

 If SEO is ranking websites, what is important for SEO?

Doing their job pretty well, Search Engines have been browsing every website and its content to seek the ones with the most relevant data because this is what most online users are looking for. For the content, Search Engines determine if a website has relevant content by going over the text on the page, the titles, and the given descriptions.

Here comes the essence of building good titles and meta-descriptions as an important factor for SEO. In general, websites with outstanding title and meta descriptions can easily boost sites search engine rankings and performance.

Let us define both terms. Title tag, or simple title, is defined as the main copy that describes a certain web page. By having a title tag, websites are allowing their users to have a quick insight with regards to the content of the web page. It becomes the users deciding cue on whether they will click on the web page or not.

Title tags are present on different key areas like the browsers, the search engine results from pages and on the external website. Websites are required that their title tags should be in HTML/XHTML documents and every website owner should take their time as they come up with a logical title tag whenever they are optimizing their webpage.

Besides that here are some tips for a successful Title optimization.

  • The length of the title should be considered.

As they come up with a title tag, they must remember that search engine cut titles that exceed their standard length. In Google, title tag length should be between 50-60 characters or 512 pixels wide. Once it exceeded search engine will show an ellipsis as an indication that it has been cut. Although longer titles work best on social sharing and title should be mentioned on the title, they must understand that long titles will not work so they have to come up with a catchy title that could attract “clicks”.

  • They keywords should be mentioned close to the title tag.

In SEO, keywords that are positioned closer to the title tag are a huge help when it comes to the sites ranking and it is observed that more users click these title tags on the search engine results.

  • Make sure that the branding is leveraged.

Several SEO firms confirm that mentioning of the brand name at the end of the title tag is a smart approach. This is ideal because a well-known brand part of the title is enough in garnering more clicks. If the brand is known it should be placed first and if the brand is less known, the keyword should be mentioned first in the title.

  • The Readability and Emotional Impact of the Title should be considered.

To attract more visitors, they should create a compelling or appealing title tag. To come up with it, they should think about their websites user experience in addition to keyword usage and optimization. This is essential because viewers mostly rely on the sites title tag if they’ll click the page or not. So it should be interactive and it should possess the most positive message as much as possible.

Now that we are done with the title tag, let us discuss Meta Descriptions.

What are meta descriptions? To define, meta description is a more detailed title tag. Meaning, it’s a complete or a comprehensive definition of the websites content. Users may not see it as important as the title tag because it is not used in Google rankings, but written or created it well is important for the sole reason that Google often highlights it and use it as a summary on its search engine.

Like title tag, meta description have an ideal length. It should be around 155 characters long so that it can perfectly fit the search engine. If a certain website is working over very large sites, the meta description can be boring so the website must come up with a unique description for each web page. 

To give all website owners an idea of what kind of meta description that search engines are accepting, here are some things they have to remember.

  • Come up with a compelling ad copy.

For those who are not aware, meta descriptions function like an advertising copy. For the reason that it can draw readers attention as they browse the SERP, so they have to craft a readable, convincing description using the websites keyword in order for them to improve their web traffic. To boost their web clicks, they have to note that Google and other major search engines accept bold keywords in their description as they positioned websites for results.

  • Prevent meta description duplication.

Similar to title tags, meta descriptions on every webpage should be unique. To avoid committing duplicated meta descriptions, they must create a dynamic or look for a program that could help them check their webpage for any duplicates.

  • Avoid using quotes on meta descriptions.

If they notice that every time they use any quotes on their meta description, Google will cut them off. They should correct their mistakes by removing all non-alphanumeric characters on their Meta descriptions.

Now that everyone is aware of the importance of both title tags and meta descriptions in SEO, they should make it a point to change the way they create them. Instead of being common like everybody else, they should think of ways to be easily noticed by online users.

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