100 Free Marketing Tools Mega List

100 Free Marketing Tools Mega List

  • 31 Jan 4
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In the process of doing my fair share of business online I have sought out a number of tools to help me or my employees complete task. Some of those tools or services cost a lot of money, trust me. I have payments going out to SaaS companies worth a house payment.

Today though I am going to share with you a MEGA list of free tools and services that I have collected over time in the hope that you can find them useful. The list is broken down by category and all tools listed are free to use or at least free to a useful point. Enjoy!

Search Engine Optimization Tools:

SEO Quake – Great browser add on that allows you to quickly check SEO metrics. You will find additions for most browsers and it is perfect when analyzing competition in the SERPS.

Online Link Profiler – The best free backlink and data gatherer. If you were looking for a free alternative to Ahrefs then this is definitely the closes tool you will find.

All In One SEO Pack – Arguably the #1 SEO optimization plug in for WordPress. Quickly generate sitemaps and optimize all of your on-page factors with ease.

My Blog Guest – A place where you can seek out bloggers who would appreciate contributors or alternatively seek people to contribute on your website. Perfect for quality link building.

SerpBook – Most people know this from various forums, but it’s important to note that their free package allows up to 10 URL/Keyword combinations which is perfect for beginners.

Quick URL Opener – Saves your mouse and fingers for free. Nifty tool for opening multiple URLs on the fly. Completely free and no strings attached with this tool.

Google Mobile Friendly Test – Simple testing tool to make sure your website is mobile friendly. One of the more useful tools by Google. Great for targeting local clients for web improvements.

FE International Penalty Indicator – Epic tool by the one and only FE International web broker team. Analyze is your rankings correlate with Google algorithm changes. Perfect for penalty identification.

Broken Link Website Crawler – An old website can end up with broken outbound links within your content. Tidy it up by quickly checking for broken links with this free SEO tool.

Similar Web Analysis – Excellent data driven analysis of traffic for free. Easily compare your website with competitors in the same niche. It’s a very intuitive free tool.

Vitarank Site Grader – In 5 seconds you can generate a nice report for your local clients. Use it over and over to pitch ma and pa shops with detailed reports. Completely free.

SEO Spyglass – Gain insights into how your competitors are ranking by seeing their link portfolios. The free version is limited but an okay option. Compare this with the online link profiler.

Serp Logic Tools – A suite of SEO tools that are 100% free. Use them to quickly know where you are in the SERPS or to generate anchor text diversity which as you know is important.

Synup Local Listings – Find out where a local business is listed and see if any inconsistencies are present. It’s free to check up to 50 local listings which is a nice start.

Free Ninja Proxy Checker – Unique free tool that allows you to check if a group of proxies are live. It also takes this process a step further by checking proxies against servers of Google and Facebook.

SEO Tools For Excel – The easiest way to integrate stunning charts and data from SEO tools right into your Excel sheets. Utilize this tool to make amazing reports for your clients.

Review Handout Generator – Free way to generate instructional on how to review a local business on Google. Impress local clients of yours by printing out a stack and handing it to them.

Woo Rank – Quick on-page optimization insights all within a click of a button. Free version is limited as per how many times you can use it, but you can gain free knowledge utilizing this tool.

Link Privacy Tool – Easily block site crawler bots with a one click installation. Perfect for creating a layer of extra privacy when utilizing private blog networks. Hide them so competitors can’t sniff around.

Local SEO Checklist – Fun visual of what you need to do in the proper order to rank a local website. It’s a pretty nice way to keep everything in your head.

Graphic Design Tools:

GIF Maker – Make easy moving images and edit them with this free tool. I’ve used it in the past to make media banners and it is truly free with no bogus watermarks.

Piktochart – Great free infographic creator with pre-loaded templates. Use the free version to create captivating graphics and download them. Share live images with interactive charts.

Logomakr – A simple logo maker that exports images with a transparent background. One of my favorite quick free logo makers. Enjoy a huge selection of free media.

GIMP Editor – The Photoshop alternative. When you have employees it’s great to train them to use the basics of free open license tools. Ready to use with no strings attached.

Infogram – Another infographic maker much like Piktochart but with a different feel. Use it as an alternative to Piktochart and play around with its useful features.

Online Image Editor – One of the few free image editors that allow you to crop GIF images. Again no watermarks and plenty of simple features that makes image editing easy.

Canva Design – Perfect design studio for making social media memes. It comes with a lot of stock templates and images that you can use all over the web.

InkScape – Open source vector design software that has both simple and advanced features. For an open source product it works like a dream.

Easel Ly – Make stunning flow charts for free and share them with an audience. Works well for both employees and potential new clients alike.

Quick Meme – The free meme generator trolls of all shapes and sizes cherish. Liven up your content with simple yet effective images that speak more than words alone.

 Website Content, Video, And Keyword Tools:

Copyscape – Limited but free way to check for plagiarism among your web content. A useful way to make sure content companies are delivering unique content.

Uber Suggest – A favorite among many for its ability to suggest keywords within your niche. This free keyword tool manifest more suggestion within suggestions giving you tons of ideas.

EverNote – Sync your digital life among all of your devices with this free app. From checklist to content writing you can access it anywhere and enjoy the organization of Ever Note.

Keyword Shitter – Super simple “shitter” of keywords. It populates a nice list of nice keywords you can use within your web pages. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s a nice free tool.

Issuu – Gain more exposure and distribute your content freely. Read other publications for insights into writing new articles. The free version is limited but definitely noteworthy.

Inbound Now Generator – Amazing content topic generator that’s 100% free to use. You are going to love utilizing this bad boy on your websites when you can’t think of topics.

Powtoon Video Maker – Make nice short videos outlining your services in a cartoon format. The free cartoon maker comes with everything you need to get started.

Biteable Explainer Video – An excellent free option to get creative in explaining your business with professional explainer videos. Easy to use templates make the process a breeze.

WordStream – This tool gives you 30 searches per day in generating nice keyword list that you can further research to weed out which ones are most profitable.

SEM Rush – You can’t go wrong with SEM Rush. It’s the ultimate keyword research tool and they allow a nice number of fair use free searches. The data is extremely valuable. Great for competitor research.

Spinner Chief – The free tool that allows you to quickly spin your content and make it pretty unique. Not a very sophisticated tool, but the free version is decent for those needing a free content spinner.

Marketing AI – Really handy system for assigning work to content teams or authors. It’s nice for content collaboration.

Readability Score Tool – Check your contents readability level for free. As I have pointed out before readability is an important aspect of content writing and this tools makes it easy.

Content Forest – Quickly generate dozens of possible blog topics from a single keyword. Perfect for when you need content for your editorial calendar but cannot think of anything.

Local SEO Keyword Generator – Perfect free tool for generating a list of local SEO keywords. Customize the list via GEO location or zip code. Works well for PPC term ideas as well.

Utilities & Miscellaneous Tools:

Pingdom Site Speed – A host of free tools are offered by Pingdom and their world renowned for site analytical insights. I would highly recommended utilizing their website speed test. 

Gyazo – Easy to use image capturing software that is free. Quickly capture images and share them via links. The free version allows you to share in an unlimited way.

Cloud Flare – Free hosting that works pretty well. Marketers also use it successfully with private blog networks and of course you can protect your website from attacks too. Tons of cool features!

Security Kiss – Awesome free virtual private network that secures your connection. Works all over the world and is totally free. The best free VPN without any information needed, hands down!

Trello – A great team organizer that helps you prioritize task in a flash. The free version works great and will definitely increase your productivity.

Hostt – Totally free web hosting BUT they do require you to register the domain with them. Still a great deal and free hosting for those of you on a budget and need to register a domain anyway.

After The Deadline Grammar Checker – Another awesome extension that allows you to check your contents Grammar and spelling. Completely free and ready to rock.

SandBoxie – The best way to isolate programs running on your computer. Operate executable files and other running software in a closed environment for protection against intruders.

TinEye – Reverse image search on a professional level. See what photos have been used where. A perfect tool for DOXING and other research purposes. Utilize it for finding images without watermarks.

ZoHo Email – A free business email with decent storage rates within the entry level free email account. As long as you can verify the domain you can enjoy a professional email.

CCleaner – The most intuitive free cookie and flash object cleaner available. Clean up your footprints as you visit multiple sites. Also had a registry cleaner for Windows.

Open Broadcaster – Open source screen recording software made famous by gamers on YouTube. Create tutorials that invite your visitors to engage. Dual screen for both cam and desktop display.

Down For Everyone Or Just Me – Super simple tool you can use to check if a website connection is down just for you or for the rest of the internet.

What WP Theme Is That – Love a website you see online? Discover what themes other webmasters are using. Also gain insights into what WordPress Plugins a site owner has installed.

Terapeak – Excellent tool for collecting eBay and Amazon data. If you are looking to make money via drop shipping then you can’t go wrong here. Not free but the trial last a long time. Had to mention it!

Rouge Killer – Anti Malware software that eliminates threats for free. A great way to protect your computer on a budget with absolutely no strings attached.

WordPress Duplicator – I freaking love this plugin. Migrate websites from one host to another in literally 5 minutes. Additionally make easy backups of your website, all for free.

Social Media Tools:

Know Em – Find your brand name across multiple platforms and proceed to claim your business name on the World Wide Web. A must for new online businesses.

Shared Count – Count how many social signals your website or inner page has received. A perfect tool for monitoring people selling social signals. Do before and after checks on services for free.

Buzz Bundle – Manage multiple social accounts and create buzz as the name suggest. Automatically stay signed into several platforms and connect with your social fans.

Socioboard – An alternative to HootSuite which offers a nice free entry plan that you can utilize much like Buzz Bundle to manage all of your social accounts in one place.

Social Mention – Monitor where you are being mentioned online via their free package. Another great option for reputation and outcome management.

Commun It – Twitter community and fan management at its finest. Auto respond and retweet from niche accounts in a flash. Automate your interaction and reward your followers.

Discover ly – Quick extension for your web browser that allows you to network and see what’s going on with influential social profiles. An overall easy to use free tool.

Social Locker – Gain more social fans and interactions with this clever action prompting plugin for WordPress. Lock content unless people become a fan or follower of yours.

Free Review Monitoring – Track your brands social media reputation with this free social media tool. A great way to monitor the reaction people are having online to your marketing efforts.

Buffer – A nice way to shorten your social media links, create memes on the fly, and schedule your post all from one intuitive social management dashboard.

Mention Mapp – Get a visual idea on how your social interaction on Twitter flow with a map outlining social encounters. It maps what marketers call the Hummingbird effect.

Free Stock Image Sources:

Flat Icon – The best place to find flat stock icons for all of your projects. All icons come in different colors, transparent in background, and are completely free.

I’M Creator – A curation of free photos all over the internet. Great for finding city pictures and other themes you may want for web design.

Pic Jumbo – One of the best free sources of stock photos. I especially utilize this website when looking for humans in action within my pictures. You will find quality action oriented pictures.

Free Pik – The most comprehensive collection of free pictures for most needs. The twin website of Flat Icon that provided free stock photos instead of flat only icons.

Stok Pic Images – If you are looking for free captivating photos of both humanity and nature, you have found the best place. All of their free stock photos are high quality.

Kaboom Pictures – An epic collection of business oriented free stock photos. A great place for modern photos that fit well with agencies or other business services.

Gratisography – The pop culture collection of amazing photos that are free to use without any copyright issues. It really makes a blog post stand out from the crowd.

New Old Stock – Fine vintage pictures that take your website back to the days of big band and Art Deco design on full display. The place for free vintage photos.

Big Foto – A unique place to find collections of stock images from GEO locations around the world. If you are interested in targeted a certain demographic, this free source of images is for you.

Free Images – Another well rounded free image source with tons of categories to select from. If you are looking for a variety of free stock images then this is the place.

Blogging Tools And Web Design:

Sumo Me – Grow your email list on any website for free with their suite of free lead capturing devices that work along with WordPress seamlessly. From opt-in pop ups to hello bars, they have it free.

Meks Easy Ad Widget – Monetize your blog or WordPress website with this nifty free WordPress plugin. Display ads in most sizes. The widget is free and makes your ads look great.

Tiny MCE – Super charge your WordPress WYSIWYG editor with custom font’s, sizes, and highlights. A must have plugin for any website. Totally free to use and enjoy.

Content Editorial Calendar – Schedule all of your blogs content in a calendar. Visually lay out your editorial line up for the week and sync all of your topics. Perfect for bloggers.

Mailchimp – Personal fan of Aweber, however for a starting budget MailChimp is free and you can use their API without paying a single dime. That means it works well with Sumo Me above.

Plugmatter Optin Box – An opt-in feature that will grow your list beyond what you thought was capable. Comes with three themes for free and works well with almost any WordPress theme.

Facebook Comments – Lacking engagement on your blog? This plugin makes setting up Facebook comments a breeze. Transfer your Facebook engagement right to your post on your blog.

WordFence Security – Block entire IP ranges, sniff out WP-Admin login attempts, and super charge your site speed with this incredible security tool for WordPress websites.

Easy HTTPS Redirection – This plugin makes HTTPS easy. A lot of people run into problems with HTTPS not working with their WP URL. Easy HTTPS is a free easy fix.

Custom 404 Lander – Lovely plugin that allows you to set a custom page within WordPress as your new 404 page. Great way to convert people who land on a 404 into a subscriber.

TablePress – Creative plugin that allows you to make nice tables much like excel inside of WordPress pages without any real coding knowledge. Great way to show monthly reports.

S2 Member – One of the best free member management plugins for WordPress. Control visitors by making them sign in or pay to access certain content.

Disqus – Take your blogs comment section to another level with this free plugin. Assign staff members to moderate and import information from other social platforms.

Clicky – Analytics tool for your blog that sports great free basic features. Heat maps are available with an upgrade, but your basic free account comes with a lot of data tools.

WordPress Landing Pages – A free way to create quick landing pages. Best part is it comes with some templates and you can A/B split test the pages, all absolutely free of charge.

Blog Comment Redirect – Awesome plugin that redirects people when they comment on your blog to a particular page you pick. Turn one time engagements into an all-out marketing funnel.

EWWW Image Optimizer – Increase your websites speed by installing this free plugin that helps you optimize every image within your blog without killing the quality of the images.

Thirsty Affiliates – A plugin that allows you to cloak your affiliates links and manage all of them for your WordPress websites. The free version is great and a must for your niche websites.

There you go! Over 100 free internet marketing tools that will help you get started. A collection that will allow you to perform tons of task for no cost whatsoever. Now it’s your turn to post below which free tools are your favorite for completing various task in this industry.


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